TOTUS consist of a spatial, routing database which are exposed by a feature and web map service. This system integrates information from a strategic traffic model with a Open Street Map street network and a routing engine and is used to derive air quality information. For more information on the TOTUS project read here and for details about the system implementation refer to developing the TOTUS system

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Calculate Traffic Attribute Summary for an area on map. The summary contain aggregated traffic information for the network inside the area and the flux into and out of chosen area. Please note that this is a spatial aggregation query and may take a long time to complete on large areas.

Produce Traffic Impact Factor (TIF) Summary for an area on the map using a standard 100m TIF grid. The TIF grid is produced by applying a distance based dispersion factor of -0.65 to the traffic volume on the closest 20 roads, omitting roads closer than 10 m to grid centroid. The summary contain some basic statistics of the TIF values inside the area and the traffic road network that contributed to the result.

Produce cumulative TIF for a point chosen on the map or for a set of points (longitude, latitude) uploaded from a CSV file. The cumulative TIF is calculated by applying a distance based dispersion factor to the total traffic volume on the closest number of roads further than a inclusion distance from chosen point.

Produce network routes from start and end coordinates (longitude, latitude) uploaded from CSV and produce traffic information for each road network link that has been assigned traffic attributes from a strategic traffic model.

Calculate route between points on map using Open Street Map data for Auckland.

Use options below to choose a start and end point on map and the routing method to use to calculate network route between them.